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Church Pastor Insights is a church development organisation that links like minded, action-oriented pastors with each other and with ‘healthy’ church growth and leadership ‘best practice’ through workshops, seminars, conferences, online peer to peer conversations and less structured case study based church leader meet-ups. What we really love doing is sharing ideas and strategies with churches and church leaders that help build churches of ‘irresistible influence’ in their communities.matched betting explained in simple terms

We do all the above because we realise the culture we have been called to reach is rapidly changing – Christianity is increasingly being relegated to the margins of society, cultural points of reference have shifted dramatically and the communications landscape has changed rapidly with the rise of social media and user generated content. Yet in all of this the urgency of sharing the Christian message is more important than ever … the church still remains the hope of the world. But times have changed and the church must adapt – not its unchanging message of salvation through Christ alone – but its methods and approaches. We must get better at reading the culture and we must forge new paths to the hearts of those we have been called to reach.

Welcome to Church Pastor Insights.

* The phrase ‘Church of Irresistible Influence’ isn’t origninal to Church Pastor Insights – it comes from the book ‘The Church of Irresistible Influence’ authored by Robert Lewis and Rob Wilkins. I would recommend it to every pastor. It was pubished in 2002 but is every bit as relevant today.
Tade Agbesanwa

Tade Agbesanwa

I am part of the John Maxwell team and a certified trainer, speaker and coach. I am also a fully accredited minister with the Baptist Union of Great Britain. In addition I am the Lead Pastor of Custom House Baptist Church and one of the District Ministers for London East. I also chair the London Baptist Associations's communications hub and I am part of the London Baptist Association's Strategic Mission Forum. I have a keen interest in all things leadership believing leadership is primary in building influential missional churches. I am married to a wonderful wife and I am blessed with two lovely daughters.

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