Church Communications

Church Communications

Communicating to Connect

Communication that Connects

Have you ever wondered if anyone listens to your announcements in church? And why nobody ever responds to your newsletters or postcard campaigns? Ever wondered why very few take action on what they’ve heard?

Church Commuication that Connects is one of our more popular workshops and is designed to address the considerable gap between communicating and connecting with your audience. It is a WHOLE DAY workshop and you take away actionable steps that would ensure your communication results in the desired action.


1. Internal communications:

(focus is on principles – design comes later)

  • Crafting announcements and campaigns that people respond to (example – building or large capital fund campaign)
  • Why less is more
  • Communicating as selling
  • Making vision ‘stick’ – Communicating your church’s core message and visual aids you can use
  • Internal branding vs. external branding


2. Communication strategies for outreach

  • Branding your church (NOT branding the Gospel) – logos, style guides, the importance of branding etc.
  • Defining your community – community or gathered church?
  • Communicating with your community
  • Lifestyle communication principles
  • Why the direct approach doesn’t usually work



3. Communication Tools

  • Websites – your new church front door – best practice in website design, content strategies, technology
  • Social media – Facebook and Twitter – real life examples of how churches are using this to reach their community
  • Brochures, leaflets and outdoor banners – what works, what doesn’t and why
  • Mobile media – texting and apps