Strategic Outreach

Strategic outreach

Strategic outreach for churches

Outreach must be part of any church’s DNA. In any case, church growth is impossible without obedience to the command of our Lord to reach out. Reaching out must be prayed, planned, implemented AND repeated with great thought and committment. There is no textbook approach to outreach because churches and communities are so different, but sucessful outreaches have a lot of things in common. We will be covering these commonalities and more at the breakfast workshop. Strategic Community Outreach is one of our more popular seminar and it is available on or off site. The seminar looks at both established and contemporary ways of reaching our community in the 21st century.

To think about:

Who lives behind the closed doors in your neighbourhood? What do they believe? What are their hopes and aspirations? How do you get the Good News behind firmly closed doors?

COURSE OUTLINE (Not arranged in order of delivery)

  • Focused prayer
  • Understanding your community
  • Understanding communities within communities
  • Looking for ‘people of peace’
  • Area clarity
  • What makes good community communication?
  • You need a missions team!
  • Culture making
  • Category ownership
  • Websites that work
  • Leveraging social media – Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Postcard campaigns
  • Social Justice and Poverty campaigns
  • Using local media
  • Becoming ‘visible’
  • Building your church identity
  • Pyramiding days
  • Ignition projects
  • Civic events
  • Winning community share of mind
  • In-reach – friends, family, work colleagues
  • Putting it all together- Developing a Plan