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Church Unique Workshop

Written by on 27/07/2014
Church Unique Workshop
Church Unique Vision Frame

Church Unique Vision Frame – 29

Take your leadership team through a guided process to discover your church’s one-of-a-kind potential

Every church is a one-of-a-kind expression of God’s creativity, with an essential and unique role in His divine plan. New levels of inspiration, participation, and influence are possible when you have a guiding vision inspired by your congregation’s collective soul. The Church Unique 24 hr workshop spread over 8 weeks and  is a journey of discovery that will help your leadership team define a vision, communicate it clearly, and create inspired strategies drawn from an authentic sense of purpose. Innovative exercises, lessons, and tools create an invigorating process for your leadership team to fully realize and implement God’s unique plan for your congregation.

The Church Unique process is one of the best ways of clarifying your vision as a church – it unifies and resources your church for the growth God intended.

THE CHURCH UNIQUE WORKSHOP will help your church:

  • Change the way you think of yourself and the ministry opportunities ahead.
  • Learn why you’re best suited to meet certain crying needs in your community.
  • Define and overcome the obstacles that are currently holding you back.
  • Build strong team relationships as you discover and realize God’s plan for you.
  • Achieve both local and Kingdom growth.

For an informal discussion of how this might work for your church please contact us using the form below

Church Communications

Written by on 27/07/2014
Church Communications
Church Communications

Communicating to Connect

Communication that Connects

Have you ever wondered if anyone listens to your announcements in church? And why nobody ever responds to your newsletters or postcard campaigns? Ever wondered why very few take action on what they’ve heard?

Church Commuication that Connects is one of our more popular workshops and is designed to address the considerable gap between communicating and connecting with your audience. It is a WHOLE DAY workshop and you take away actionable steps that would ensure your communication results in the desired action.


1. Internal communications:

(focus is on principles – design comes later)

  • Crafting announcements and campaigns that people respond to (example – building or large capital fund campaign)
  • Why less is more
  • Communicating as selling
  • Making vision ‘stick’ – Communicating your church’s core message and visual aids you can use
  • Internal branding vs. external branding


2. Communication strategies for outreach

  • Branding your church (NOT branding the Gospel) – logos, style guides, the importance of branding etc.
  • Defining your community – community or gathered church?
  • Communicating with your community
  • Lifestyle communication principles
  • Why the direct approach doesn’t usually work



3. Communication Tools

  • Websites – your new church front door – best practice in website design, content strategies, technology
  • Social media – Facebook and Twitter – real life examples of how churches are using this to reach their community
  • Brochures, leaflets and outdoor banners – what works, what doesn’t and why
  • Mobile media – texting and apps

Strategic Outreach

Written by on 27/07/2014
Strategic Outreach
Strategic outreach

Strategic outreach for churches

Outreach must be part of any church’s DNA. In any case, church growth is impossible without obedience to the command of our Lord to reach out. Reaching out must be prayed, planned, implemented AND repeated with great thought and committment. There is no textbook approach to outreach because churches and communities are so different, but sucessful outreaches have a lot of things in common. We will be covering these commonalities and more at the breakfast workshop. Strategic Community Outreach is one of our more popular seminar and it is available on or off site. The seminar looks at both established and contemporary ways of reaching our community in the 21st century.

To think about:

Who lives behind the closed doors in your neighbourhood? What do they believe? What are their hopes and aspirations? How do you get the Good News behind firmly closed doors?

COURSE OUTLINE (Not arranged in order of delivery)

  • Focused prayer
  • Understanding your community
  • Understanding communities within communities
  • Looking for ‘people of peace’
  • Area clarity
  • What makes good community communication?
  • You need a missions team!
  • Culture making
  • Category ownership
  • Websites that work
  • Leveraging social media – Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Postcard campaigns
  • Social Justice and Poverty campaigns
  • Using local media
  • Becoming ‘visible’
  • Building your church identity
  • Pyramiding days
  • Ignition projects
  • Civic events
  • Winning community share of mind
  • In-reach – friends, family, work colleagues
  • Putting it all together- Developing a Plan

Welcoming & Connecting Guests

Written by on 27/07/2014
Welcoming & Connecting Guests
Welcoming and Connecting Guests

Welcoming and Connecting Guests

All church leaders know getting people through the front door of the church is only a small part of developing a healthy, growing church. If a church is to be effective it also needs a well thought out plan to assimilate church visitors (guest is the preferred term!) This is because as far as church growth goes, guest retention is up to 10 times more significant than visitor volume. Our half-day course engages in practical terms with various field tested approaches to guest retention. We are quite confident this workshop will lead to deep reflection and changes in the way guests are welcomed and integrated in your church.

“Guests start out as consumers before they become radical disciples of Christ”


All who are responsible for integrating visitors into the life of the church will find the workshop invaluable.
But please do come as a team if you can. Experience shows this is much more productive as team members can compare notes later as you implement what you’ve learned from the workshop in your own church context.


  • The Biblical foundation for the seminar
  • Defining your target audience ( a very powerful concept if properly understood)
  • First Impressions and creating the WOW experience
  • Doing a ten step church MOT analysis (Moments of Truth)
  • Really good things you ought to do during the service
  •  What to do after service
  • Using the Connection Card (or Guest card)
  • Content, Design, Collection, Use
  • The ‘Sticky Church’ concept
  • Designing an effective Guest Centre
  • W.E.L.C.O.M.E
  • Connecting with text messaging/Whatsapp®
  • Connecting with social media
  • Printed Impressions – The church brochure -what’s in, what’s out?
  • Developing an annual ‘Connections’ plan
  • IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES – How to ensure things really go from good ideas to reality. We’ll also be spending time on designing a process that works for you.
  • Low hanging fruit plan – easy things to do even if you have no budget
  • And more…



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Lead Pastor Coaching

Lead Pastor Coaching

Everyone  wins when a leader gets betterBill Hybels

  Modern ministry has become increasingly complex and because of this coaching is fast becoming an essential ministry tool for the busy Lead Pastor. Lead Pastors in medium to large sized churches today are under great pressure as they juggle the sheer volume of occurrences requiring attention – preaching, discipleship, counselling, vision casting, action plans, information flows from emails, text messages, ministry social media, comments from blogs and so on compete for our attention. Add to these external engagements such as community involvement, charity work, dealing with the media, family matters and perhaps a private business and time becomes squeezed, productivity drops, vision strays. and ministry stagnates.

What coaching can do for the Lead Pastor:

  • Re-establish clarity of purpose
  • Identify gaps between where you are and where you want to be
  • Helps the Lead Pastor develop a strong strategy and action plan to close the gap
  • Guides the building of the structure, accountability, and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment
  • Ensure continuous growth using proven growth models

If you would like to know more about coaching or want to book an introductory session please do contact Rev. Tade Agbesanwa using the form below. Rev Tade Agbesanwa is a John Maxwell Certified Coach. tippmix kalkulátor sportfogadás (See his bio here)