Welcoming & Connecting Guests

Welcoming and Connecting Guests

Welcoming and Connecting Guests

All church leaders know getting people through the front door of the church is only a small part of developing a healthy, growing church. If a church is to be effective it also needs a well thought out plan to assimilate church visitors (guest is the preferred term!) This is because as far as church growth goes, guest retention is up to 10 times more significant than visitor volume. Our half-day course engages in practical terms with various field tested approaches to guest retention. We are quite confident this workshop will lead to deep reflection and changes in the way guests are welcomed and integrated in your church.

“Guests start out as consumers before they become radical disciples of Christ”


All who are responsible for integrating visitors into the life of the church will find the workshop invaluable.
But please do come as a team if you can. Experience shows this is much more productive as team members can compare notes later as you implement what you’ve learned from the workshop in your own church context.


  • The Biblical foundation for the seminar
  • Defining your target audience ( a very powerful concept if properly understood)
  • First Impressions and creating the WOW experience
  • Doing a ten step church MOT analysis (Moments of Truth)
  • Really good things you ought to do during the service
  •  What to do after service
  • Using the Connection Card (or Guest card)
  • Content, Design, Collection, Use
  • The ‘Sticky Church’ concept
  • Designing an effective Guest Centre
  • W.E.L.C.O.M.E
  • Connecting with text messaging/Whatsapp®
  • Connecting with social media
  • Printed Impressions – The church brochure -what’s in, what’s out?
  • Developing an annual ‘Connections’ plan
  • IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES – How to ensure things really go from good ideas to reality. We’ll also be spending time on designing a process that works for you.
  • Low hanging fruit plan – easy things to do even if you have no budget
  • And more…